Conjure is an automated modelling tool for constraint programming. The architecture of the system together with evaluation and some example applications are reported in a few venues including:

Conjure is implemented by a single developer. Although it is readily capable of refining all problem specifications given in Essence, it is far from being ready to be presented as a finished product. Nevertheless, we have decided to release the work-in-progress version.

This should be considered as an alpha release. Conjure is useful together with refinement rules written in a domain specific rule language (partly described in publications listed above). The release process will be staged, and we are planning to add more examples and refinement rules in addition to a better UI to Conjure in the very near future. Stay tuned.

If you want to try Conjure on a specific problem of yours, you are very welcome to get in touch with me.

Conjure is available at bitbucket.

Eventually, we are planning to make all the refinement rules and the source code for Conjure itself available.

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