I am Özgür Akgün, and you've reached my academic homepage. I exist on several other places throughout the internet, this is the serious one.


If you wish to contact me about a research related topic, or just to say hi, or you simply want to send me presents, you can use the following contact details. E-mail is usually the fastest and most convenient way (for me!).

E-mail ozgur.akgun at st-andrews.ac.uk
Phone +44 1334 463257
Address School of Computer Science
Jack Cole Building, Room 0.21
North Haugh, St Andrews, Fife
KY16 9SX, Scotland, United Kingdom


My main research interest is on automating the constraint modelling process. I am the main developer of a software tool called Conjure whose goal is to automatically produce Essence' constraint models to problems given in Essence. Essence is a very high level problem specification language. Essence' is a solver independent constraint modelling language. See Conjure's documentation for more information.

I am also interested in using Machine Learning techniques to solve real life problems.

I am currently employed on the ADRC-Scotland project, focusing on population reconstruction.

I was previously employed on the Working Together: Constraint Programming and Cloud Computing grant.

I did my PhD under the supervision of Ian Miguel and Chris Jefferson. We also have strong collaborations with Alan Frisch from University of York and Brahim Hnich from Izmir University of Economics. My studies were generously funded by The Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance (SICSA).

Prior to my studies in University of St. Andrews, I attended Izmir University of Economics to receive 2 B.Sc. degrees: Computer Enginnering and Industrial Systems Engineering. There, I have done courses on AI, OR and Heuristics amongst many others. We were lucky enough to present the results of our final project (together with 2 friends and our supervisor Mahmut Ali Gokce) at EURO-2009.

I received scholarships during my undergraduate education thanks to my success in the nation-wide university entrance exam in Turkey. I was at the top 0.62% amongst more than 1.5 million participants.



Please see my Google Scholar profile for a list of publications.